Beautipharm® All Day Moisturizing Balm SPF 15

Rich, essential balm to smooth and moisturize the skin throughout the day. Helps soothe dryness, protects with SPF 15 from harmful sunrays present year-round. Unique combinations of finest selected ingredients are used to maintain natural skin‘s health by keeping oil and moisture in balance.

Contains allantoin, bisabolol cocoa butter, natural moisturizing components, UV protection of SPF 15 and vitamins A and E. Free of dyes, perfume oils, essential oils and ingredients of animal origin.



Apply BEAUTIPHARM® ALL DAY MOISTURIZING BALM to a clean, dry skin. Pour a sufficient amount in the palm of the hand, apply evenly and let the cream absorb completely or massage in gently. If used as a sun protecting agent, repeat the application from time to time. Provides an ideal base for any make-up application.