A revolutionary concept in skincare: In the year 1949, pharmacist Richard A. Eckstein and his wife Linde decided to develop high quality cosmetics based on natural science and a pharmaceutical foundation.

With a far-reaching vision, diligence, courage and commitment they built a business that to this day combines the research and production of their innovative products under one roof. From the beginning they dedicated themselves to creating cosmetics as preventative care and as a way to optimize the health of the skin.

Over the past 65 years, they established a comprehensive, ground-breaking and effective skincare concept, that continues to expand today. Doctor Eckstein BioKosmetik®’s wide range of products demonstrates a total commitment to skin care.



The Eckstein’s began their successful story with only three products.

Interest in their special Biokosmetik grew rapidly- for very good reasons.
With innovative energy, expert knowledge about the subject matter and outstanding product development, the Eckstein’s attracted customer attention.

The product palette continued to expand addressing a growing range of specific skin conditions.



One of Dr. Eckstein’s most important principles is still valid today:
Only extensively tested recipes ever make it into the production at Dr. Eckstein. One of the many milestones in the company’s growth was the development of ampoules of highly concentrated ingredients. Created in the 1950’s, they were brought to the market in the 1960’s.

This example of Eckstein innovation highlights the timelessness of its products: many recipes developed early on are still used today.