Since the beginning, the Ecksteins focused on their area of expertise, high-quality ingredients and innovation. By not following short-lived trends, Dr. Eckstein BioKosmetik established its credibility and attracted a loyal customer base.

They positioned the company for success by demonstrating high quality standards and a comprehensive understanding of the cosmetic market.

Today, with about 100 recipes Doctor Eckstein BioKosmetik® treats the skin care needs of clients around the globe.

Each and every product is still developed and produced in frankonian Oberasbach- its original home since 1949.



Over the years, Dr. Richard and Linde Eckstein adapted the assortment of products to the changing times and needs of their customers.

For example, specialized products for eye-care and peelings addressed a growing need in this area. To this day, a complex and time-intensive research and develpment process stands behind each of our products.

Before a product is made available to the customer it undergoes a wide range of quality control tests that examine its effectiveness and stability.



Eight years after founding his company, Dr. Richard A. Eckstein became the first German scientist to win the internationally recognized award PRIX CIDESCO, for his achievements and contributions to the cosmetic industry.

Throughout his career Dr. Eckstein lectured and taught seminars at universities and cosmetology colleges and academies around the world.

In 1971 he wrote and published „Biokosmetik: Aus Forshung und Praxis“ (Biokosmetik: Research and Application), which describes his work and findings as a scientist, pharmacist and entrepreneur.

In its seventh edition, this book still serves as standard reading for estheticians and beauty specialists as part of their educational training and as a reference in the field.